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Hungry in the English lesson - not in class 5a

20.06.2014: The pupils of class 5a created their own recipes for party doorstoppers, prepared the sandwiches and, of course, ate them. We all agreed: DELICIOUS! If you would like to try a party doorstopper, have a look at Anne' s recipe.

J. Gellrich


Anne’s programm about Sophia the party doorstopper

Yesterday in the 2nd lesson we made party doorstoppers. Party doorstoppers are great, big and nice Sandwiches. The best thing is: they are easy to make. You can make an Indian, French, Italian and many more sandwiches.

I created my own sandwich called “Sophia”. For Sophia, I used the following ingredients: salami, tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce. First, I put 4 slices of salami on the first piece of bread. On top of the salami, I place 2 of the little cherry tomatoes from “Edeka” (they taste the best). Then I put the second piece of bread on top. On the 2nd piece of bread there were 2 slices of salami, cucumber and on top of all some lettuce. The 3rd piece of bread comes at the very top. You cut the sandwich in 4 pieces and if you want, you can decorate your sandwich with a cocktail stick. After that Sophia was finished.

That was Anne’s Recipe for “Sophia the doorstopper”. “Sophia” was the best party door stopper ever, even if I just got two pieces of it.

Anne Ebermaier-Cintra, 5a



    Fotos: J. Gellrich