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Program for the Megara-Exchange 2008

Day Program participants
Sa. 05.04. Arrival in Braunschweig

Welcome and Snack at school

7-11 pm Welcome-Party (family Gebhardt)


Su. 06.04. Family day (for your disposal)  
Mo. 07.04. Welcome at school

Greek students attend lessons with their partners

Guided tour through Braunschweig and the Wilhelm-Gymnasium

Greek students
Tu. 08.04. Excursion to Berlin

(7.40am – 8pm; meeting point at the station)

We. 09.04. 1st lesson with partners in school

Excursion to the city of Hannover

(ca. 9am – 3pm back at school)

Greek students
Th. 10.04. Excursion to Heidepark (8am – 8pm) all
Fr. 11.04. 1st – 2nd lesson with partners in school

Excursion to Goslar (back at about 3.40 pm at the station)

in the evening Farewell-Party in Hemkenrode (Hantelmann)



Sa. 12.04. Family day (for your disposal)  
Su. 13.04. Family day (for your disposal)  
Mo. 14.04. “Oker-Tour” or Discovering fun sports (Bowling, MiniGolf) Greek students
Tu. 15.04. Departure from school

Return to Megara


We wish you a very good time in Germany!!





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