Visit from Megara at the WG: 02.03. – 12.03.2002
(Schedule, as at 17.02.2002)




Sat., 02.03.

arrival at WG


Sun., 03.03.

4 p.m. welcome-party

at family Bußmann’s home

Mon., 04.03.

1st hour welcome in the school (Aula), 2nd and 3rd hour guided tour of the WG,

4th an 5th hour Greek students visit the lessons of their partners

6th hour talk about school in Germany and Greece

afternoon „discovery“ of Braunschweig together with the partner

1st and 6th hour: all Greek and German students,

German students: 2nd – 5th   hour lessons

Mrs. Thiele (1st – 3rd and 6th hour), Mrs. Gavrili, Mr. Thamm van Balen, (2nd and 3rd hour Mr. Busch, 4th and 5th hour Mr. Schad)

no lessons in the afternoon

Tue., 05.03.

1st hour guided tour of the “Rizzi-Haus” (Mr. Bernick)

subsequently guided tour of Braunschweig (Mr. Preller)

11 a.m. welcome by the city of BS, subs. tower of the town hall

17 p.m. Greek school, subsequently welcome in the rooms of the Greek Community

all Greek and german students

Mrs. Thiele, Mr. Gründel, Mrs. Gavrili, Mr. Preller



Greek students visit the afternoon-lessons of their partners

Wed., 06.03.

8 a.m. day tour to Potsdam (11 a.m. Sanssouci and drive round the town)

7 p.m. return

all Greek and german students,

Mrs. Thiele, Mrs. Kuetgens

by bus

Thu., 07.03.

8.45 a.m. Autostadt and VW-factory, Wolfsburg


subs. (ca. 16.30 p.m.) party

German students: lessons,

Mr. Gründel, Mr. Ballwanz

by train

at family Bernick’s home

Fri., 08.03.

8.45 a.m. day tour to Goslar

(10 a.m. guided tour of the city,

3 p.m. guided tour of the Rammelsberg (mines))

subs. (ca. 7.15 p.m.) snack at the WG

8 p.m. concert at the WG

all Greek and german students,

Mrs. Thiele, Mr. Gründel

by train

warm clothes, robust schoes

Sat., 09.03.



Sun., 10.03.



Mon., 11.03.

from 1st hour on Greek students visit the lessons of their partners,

8.30 a.m. greek teachers at Mr. Thamm van Balen’s room,

goodbye at the school

7 p.m. goodbye-party

all Greek and german students: lessons

Mrs. Thiele (1st– 4th hour) Mr. Schindel (5th and 6th hour), Mr. Gründel, Mr. Thamm van Balen

at family Ebbert’s Home

Tue., 12.03.

7.30 a.m. departure from WG


 The meeting-point in the morning is the school!